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ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT FOR SERVICE, made this (31st) day of (March)

18 (83), Between (Thomas Rowe) Brickmaker and Moulder, the parish of Tottenham,

Middlesex and THOMAS PLOWMAN, Brickmaker of the same place. The said (Thomas

Rowe) hereby agrees for the consideration hereafter expressed, to serve the said

Thomas Plowman in his capacity as a Moulder of Bricks for the Brickmaking Season of 18(83), at his

Brickfields at (Edmonton) the commencement and termination of such season to

be regulated and determined by the said Thomas Plowman.

The said (Thomas Rowe) hereby agrees to work the full time allowed for work by the

"Factory Act," or the "Workshops' Act," whichever the Field may be classed under, whenever the

weather shall permit him to do so, and to execute the work in a good and workmanlike manner, to the

satisfaction of the said Thomas Plowman ; to leave off Moulding at any time rendered necessary by the

weather, and to begin Moulding again when the weather is fir for that purpose ; and to thatch and

unthatch his Bricks when required by the said Thomas Plowman, or his authorized agent ; and not to

neglect or delay the work in any way : and the said Thomas Plowman hereby agrees to employ the

said (Thomas Rowe) for the Brickmaking Season of 18 (83 ) , and to pay him at the

rate of (four) Shillings and (eleven) Pence per thousand if the earth is pugged by

horse,. or (four) Shillings and (eight) Pence per Thousand if the earth id pugged on

to the table, for allBricks properly made ; and further sum of (seven) Pence per

Thousand, at the end of the Season ; no such further sum to be payable if he neglect or desert his work,

or is discharged for a just and sufficient reason, whereby the Season is not completed.

As Witness our hands (Thomas Rowe)


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