Kiln Building Construction Summer 2006

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The Existing Slab , The Proposed Building , The Kiln:

Existing Slab North Pavillion Monticello Geil Kiln


May 10, 2006

15 of 23 cubes of brick and the kiln in place - ready for the masonry crew


May 12, 2006

Spoke to the gaz company
They recommended a 500 gallon tank based on the kiln pull of 200,000 BTU/HR
A buried tank is $2700 - so we won't be burying it
The 500 gallon tank is only filled 80% or 400 gallons
When it gets to 165 gallons or 1/3 - Mr Freeze visits - so they refill it regularly based on my use
If I use $20 worth of gas a month - there is no charge for the tank
It has to be 10 feet from the building ( on concrete blocks -Doh!!! )and less than 90 feet from the road
They said they would put a gauge on it for me
Propane is $2.67/ gallon these days - so at 20 gal/firing that's ~ $55/load
So I only have to fire every other month to cover the tank


May 25, 2006


I spoke to Carol at Agway again to get dimensions for the tank
It's 9' 11" ( say 10 feet long) and 37 1/2" ( say 3 ' wide -diameter of the round tank)
So we'll level a pad 3'X10'
There are two legs:
They are 15 inches wide by 37 1/2" when they hit the ground at 5' apart


May 26, 2006


E-mail conversation with Paul Geil, Bill Schran (refer to drawing below)
RICK: I'm about to lay bricks and I need to know how to get the gas in. Do you know if a second stage regulator will be necessary on the outside of the building?
PAUL: Yes, normally outside.
RICK:Can I bring in the gas pipe on the floor to prevent a tripping hazard (red line), or
Must I bring it in at 8" above the concrete floor (blue line), to "L" down to the connection as you represent on the installation drawings?
PAUL: If your local codes allow the pipe on the floor, it's okay.
RICK:Any thoughts on running the gas pipe up the wall - over the truss and down to the kiln connection? (green line)
PAUL: Yes, we have done this before, this is the cleanest way.

RICK: I read somewhere that the straightest line to the kiln was the best
like the fewest elbows.If you think the green line plan will not present problems - I might do it
I'll have to check with the gaz company when they deliver the tank next week on their requirements for the regulator and "floor" pipeI think I could also live with a floor pipe with a rubber "threshold" over it

BILL SCHRAN: At school we ran the gas kiln as the red line illustrates in your drawing, well, I guess its actually an inch off the floor.




May 31, 2006

Tom White figuring rough openings for windows and doors:



Doug Custer laying the first corner of brick



Course One:


June 1, 2006

Day 2



June 2, 2006

Day 3

Bricks laid up to window sill level - 500 gallon LP tank hidden in the pines



June 5, 2006

Ordered this heater for the kiln house:


Rear door frames installed






June 7, 2006

All window and door frames in place, secured to the kiln shipping crate:



June 8 , 2006

Header row number two



June 12 , 2006

Galvanized, corrugated wall ties every few courses

to secure window and door frames to brick wall:

June 15 , 2006

Halfway House

July 4 , 2006

Another perspective


July 6 , 2006

The final push - 13 more rows of brick:


July 14 , 2006

Steel Trusses ready for assembly:


July 17 , 2006

Front wall done with sill/roof retaining straps every 32" or so



July 28 , 2006

Waiting for the roofing crew:


August 14, 2006:

Steel Trusses on treated lumber sill plate



August 21, 2006

Wood studs over steel beams make for razor straight planes and angles:



August 24, 2006

The roof: Homasote, corrugated galvanized steel, will be tarred



September 1, 2006

Roof On:



November 28, 2006
In the few days before winter gets here:
Two smoke stacks in place


The smaller one on the left is for the woodburning stove

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