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The Fine Art of Hand Brickmaking c. 1850
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Henry Thoreau on Bricklaying
James Minchner on Bricklaying
Bonding Patterns
History of Brick Home Construction in Somerset County, PA

10 Brick Houses as surveyed by Historical Society:

 ST-522  SK-298  BT-044  BT-335  BT-056
 BT-059  BT-157  BT-214  BT-010

Map of Above Houses
Photos of all ten houses on one page
BT-374 - Rick Bonomo
· Earliest map of site

· Articles on House

· Construction Crew:
Roger Clarke Greg Potasnik

· The Barn:
Mike Fries Blair and Charles

The Three Little Pigs

The Wolf's Side of the Story !
The Psychology of the Three Little Pigs Fairy Tale -Bruno Bettelheim


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